Bar Karma

Terminada 1 Temporadas - 12 Capítulos

Harnessing innovative technology from the mind of video game legend Will Wright and storytelling expertise from television hitmaker Albie Hecht, Creation Studios is looking to revolutionize the way TV is made. And that's by including you in the creative process of a new television series called Bar Karma--the first show of its kind. Utilizing Will Wright's StoryMaker Engine, you can develop the stories and characters you want to see.<br />
<br />
You'll also be able to vote on ideas submitted by other members of the Creation Studios community. The most popular ideas will become contenders for the actual plot developments on the show, written and filmed by our professional production team. It's not reality television; it's real television made by real people, including you. And it all starts with a story about a guy who walks into a bar...

6.1 / 10 2010 20,274 Visitas Ciencia Ficción

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1 Capítulo 1x01 Fecha de emisión: 11/02/2011
2 N / D Capítulo 1x02 Fecha de emisión: 18/02/2011
3 N / D Capítulo 1x03 Fecha de emisión: 25/02/2011
4 N / D Capítulo 1x04 Fecha de emisión: 04/03/2011
5 N / D Capítulo 1x05 Fecha de emisión: 11/03/2011
6 N / D Capítulo 1x06 Fecha de emisión: 18/03/2011
7 Capítulo 1x07 Fecha de emisión: 25/03/2011
8 Capítulo 1x08 Fecha de emisión: 01/04/2011
9 Capítulo 1x09 Fecha de emisión: 08/04/2011
10 N / D Capítulo 1x10 Fecha de emisión: 15/04/2011
11 Capítulo 1x11 Fecha de emisión: 22/04/2011
12 Capítulo 1x12 Fecha de emisión: 29/04/2011
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